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Alamark specializes in building high-performance FileMaker Database Business Solutions, Custom Web Solutions, & integrations with a range of technologies including SQL, and conversions from prior versions..


Web Development

AlaMark is a service firm, our entire company is focused on building unique, relevant, customizable, dependable systems that fit all your specific business requirements. Custom Web Applications using all the latest technologies including PHP, MySQL, javaScript, JQuery



AlaMark offers the FileMaker Training Series created by FileMaker, Inc. to Knowledge Workers from businesses, schools, & universities. Classroom training is offered at AlaMark in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, & Houston, TX.



Business Alliance

AlaMark is a Platinum Level FBA Member and provides professional FileMaker Pro development services to a variety of companies, organizations, and individuals worldwide. We are also proficient with other related technologies that complement the FileMaker Platform such as XML, MySQL, PHP and many others to address the unique needs and demands of today’s businesses.

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