Catalogs bring proven success…
A catalog is the most successful direct marketing activity you can ever do for your business.

Distributors measuring the performance of catalogs report sales increases of 10% – 30%. A catalog provides the most tangible connection to present and sell your customers all of the great products you have to help them save cost and increase efficiency. There is no other way to comprehensively ‘package’ your warehouse and more; so conveniently for your customers and prospects.

We control the catalog process so you’ll never lose control…
We provide outstanding catalog production services for distributors who prefer to outsource the heavy lifting of building a catalog. Our process will save you time and money. We manage the details, so your catalog project progresses smoothly and gets done on time and on budget. Then it’s ready to go to work for you as a proven marketing tool that is guaranteed to sell and generate sales the first day it’s out.

  • Building successful catalogs are daily activities for us.
  • We provide detailed consultation to develop the right catalog-marketing program that’s a fit for your goals.
  • We manage a friendly and comfortable process that delivers a clear understanding about roles and responsibilities from start to finish.
  • You get cost control that says, “This is what we agree to, and this is the price.”
  • Your staff is involvement is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Product selection is made easy through an automated selection process.
  • Dynamic publishing capabilities will help you add distinction and differentiation to your catalog.
  • Automated, three-way indexing of all products; brand, noun, and adjective.
  • Include proprietary part numbers.
  • Update pricing just prior to printing.
  • Experienced project managers communicate consistently and carefully guide you through the process.
  • Expert, follow up help to guarantee success with your catalog that begins with market distribution planning and proven practices to maximize your return on investment…

We can help guarantee success with your catalog…
A catalog is a powerful marketing tool and we know how to help you define your focused marketing strategy for whatever type of catalog you may be thinking of.
“We’ve never met a catalog we didn’t like…”
Any kind of catalog can be successful. Building a successful catalog marketing plan is not hard. We will provide you with a proven success plan that has helped our customers successfully leverage this lucrative opportunity.

Why do I need a catalog for my business?

There is only one answer… to make money! Catalogs generate more sales from any form of customer you have; active, occasional, and new. Catalogs consistently increase sales 10% – 30% in the first year.

“Show your customers more… and you will sell them more.”

Here’s the main reason catalogs are so successful. There is no existing sales method that so conveniently packages thousands of great products you have to sell. No traditional sales channel can ever create and sustain deeper product awareness as a catalog.

“A catalog is a powerful selling tool that drives new channels of revenue.”

In every distribution vertical the most successful distributors have consistently used print catalogs as the focal point of their direct marketing. Print catalogs continue to be one of the most lucrative and guaranteed direct marketing activities any distributor can use to increase sales.

For some distributors catalogs have become the mainstay of daily sales. Coupled to this strategy is a sales force that focuses more intensely on the future needs of their customers and position their company as the best supplier. Their real goal is to become very strategic by building great relationships and solid reputations as the best supplier.

Conversely, many distributors sell exclusively through their salespeople and focus all resources at building and managing a sales force that drives revenues through personal selling relationships with their customers. This model remains very effective.

Now here’s the most exciting news. Distributors can be successful with either selling method; salespeople or catalogs. They can continue as a successful sales organization and also tap into the lucrative direct marketing channel. Catalogs are not magical or mystical they simply provide another very solid sales channel.

“A catalog will benefit any distributor with a warehouse full of products.”

Hire a selling professional with a proven track record. A catalog is a powerful selling professional that is guaranteed to deliver sales. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It only talks about the products you sell. It never says the wrong thing. It’s never sick and doesn’t take vacations. And it will never complain, about anything.

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The Warehouse Tour...

Here is a scenario that has been told to us by many distributors.

All the preparations are in place because one of your best customers is coming for a visit. The meeting will certainly include a tour of the warehouse.

As you proudly tour your customer through your warehouse, pointing out different product areas where you have extensive stock, they begin to comment with statements like this:

“I didn’t know you carried those… we sure needed them last week.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you had these in all these different sizes?” “I’ve been buying that exact product from someone else for over a year…”
“I never knew you could get one of these… It sure would have made a difference on our last project.”
“Wow, I need a 100 of these ASAP.”

And so on…

About half way through the tour you catch the eye of the salesperson who has managed the account for the last five years, and if your looks could kill, there would be one less salesperson to worry about.

There is a happy ending though…

Your customer was more excited than ever to know that there were a lot more product solutions they needed, and you could provide. The visual tour of your warehouse created a very strong and positive impression in the mind of your customer. This higher product awareness will absolutely result in more sales.

Don’t you wish you could take every customer on frequent tours of your warehouse? You can with catalog marketing. Your catalog provides the fastest way for your customers to see the “warehouse” and more.

“A catalog is guaranteed to generate more sales from every active account and from every marginal account. It even knows how to prospect for new business all by itself and for just pennies a day.”

A traditional sales organization is the path most distributors have taken to success and it remains the path most traveled for continued success today. And that’s not really a bad thing at all. However, in a mature market like distribution, we have created some very successful direct marketing tools for distributors. And that’s a really good thing.

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Why Catalogs sell effectively...

“Every distributor that we help with catalog marketing is tapping into a very lucrative sales channel, a sales channel that many distributors may never take advantage of, and that creates a real opportunity for those that do.”

  • Present your catalog warehouse and a lot more, 24 hours a day to everyone who needs to know, needs to be influenced, or just needs to buy.
  • It also helps to present your catalog warehouse to your inside and outside salespeople to increase their own product awareness.
  • Your catalog is the “point of sale” for virtually any selling situation that inside or outside salespeople encounter. The more your salespeople use the catalog in front of the customers, and over the phone, the more your customers will use it. This is a proven fact, and it’s practiced like a religion with every large catalog marketer in B2B and B2C.
  • Your catalog is the only selling tool that will absolutely create consistent and deep product awareness with your customers for the broad range of products you sell.
  • Your catalog will never say the wrong thing in front of a customer or prospect.
  • Your catalog will never do the wrong thing to a customer or prospect.
  • When your catalog speaks, it only talks about the products you have for sale.
  • Your catalog will sell into places your salespeople will never be allowed into.
  • Your catalog works 24 hours a day and for only pennies a day.
  • Dedicated catalog marketers consistently drive higher profit margins.

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Turn your catalog into a profit center before it sells a single item...

Ask us about these quotes from our customers.
“Our catalog was completely paid for before we sent it out.”
“Our catalog was a profit center before it was printed.”  

Building a catalog doesn’t have to cost you much money. In fact, we have shown our customers how to make money or at least break even each time they produce their catalog.

Your vendors absolutely recognize your catalog is the best form of marketing they could ever be associated with. Your catalog is their best opportunity to promote their brand at the exact point of sale with your customer. Nearly all vendors recognize this huge value and they’ll line up to help underwrite the cost of your catalog.

Our experience has been that distributors who focus a little effort can cash in big on ‘participation’ that sometimes even exceeds the cost of the catalog. We will teach you about two ‘special’ ways that absolutely lock in ‘participation’ from your vendors.

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Why we should build your catalog...

  • We can help you guarantee success with your catalog.
  • We can help you define your best catalog marketing strategy and build a catalog that reflects it exactly.
  • We have never met a catalog we didn’t like and any kind of catalog can be successful.
  • We control the process so you will never lose control.
  • Our process will save you time and money.
  • Cost control that says, “This is what we agree to, and this is the price.”
  • Know your costs. We provide separate pricing for each phase of the catalog process:
    • Product identification and creation
    • Page design and creation
    • Printing
  • We manage every detail so you can rest assured that your catalog project will progress smoothly and get done on time and on budget.
  • We save you time because we are experts at what we do. Building highly professional and successful catalogs are daily activities for us so we are very efficient at it.
  • We bring a friendly and comfortable process that delivers a clear understanding about roles and responsibilities from start to finish.
  • Your time is kept to an absolute minimum so you stay focused on managing your business.
  • When we do need to engage with some of your staff, we are very organized and we have everything prepared to work through their requirements quickly.
  • Exclusive expert help in, “How to distribute your catalog to maximize your return on investment.”
  • Guaranteeing success with your catalog is not hard. We will provide you with some very secret and simple actions that are easy to do and maximize your success.
  • Choosing the products for your catalog is the most important step to building a successful catalog that reflects your marketing strategy. We provide some very efficient automated processes that significantly reduce the time you are involved.
  • We provide dynamic publishing capabilities that will help you add unique distinction and differentiation to your catalog.
  • Our experienced project managers assure a great experience.
  • All of the product information can be used for other direct marketing activities.
  • Your catalog will go to work for you as a proven marketing tool that is guaranteed to sell and generate sales and profits on the first day it goes to market.

Learn more about producing your own catalogs with AlaMark’s powerful and easy to use software.