Manage and Conduct Home Inspections with FieldInspectorPro™

The Field Inspector Pro application simplifies and streamlines the process of managing and conducting home inspections and home energy ratings. The application has two components — a central “desktop” module for managing all your data and scheduling your jobs, and an iPad module for conducting field inspections.


Using the central module, you can:

Manage all your customer data, including contacts, jobs, orders and plans
Create field inspection forms that can be distributed to Inspector iPads
Define the questions that make up a field inspection form, including definition of acceptable responses Connect questions to builder plans, enabling you to extract default data from the plans
Assign and manage key tasks, such as plan takeoffs, initial inspections, final inspections, and ratings Post jobs and field inspection forms for Inspectors to download to their iPads
Retrieve and review completed forms from Inspector iPads


Field Inspectors use the iPad module to:

• Download their daily assignments (jobs) over the internet, via WiFi or cell
• Download field inspection forms for each job, also over the internet
• Fill out field inspection forms on their iPads
• Take photos of problems and connect the photos to specific questions on the field inspection form

• Report “Corrective Action” requirements for any question on the field inspection form

• Add text comments to any question on the field inspection form

• Return their field inspection forms to the office over the Internet


A FREE, live web demo of FieldInspectorPro™ can be requested by contacting our office.

  • 1. call us at our Toll-Free number 1-866-252-6275
  • 2. Contact us via our contacts tab

  • 3. Email our Director of development