Custom Web Development with FileMaker

When you need to streamline your business processes or connect with consumers and business partners via a web interface, building software tailored to your business is critical for success.

The FileMaker platform allows you to share your FileMaker files and data over the Internet so that anyone with a compatible web browser can view and interact with them.  This is especially useful to provide access to users who do not have a copy of FileMaker Pro installed on their computer.


At AlaMark we use the built-in support in FileMaker Server for PHP to build custom, data-driven websites.  We build custom applications using PHP which allows for publishing information to the web, capturing web data, and creating new solutions that combine a web-based interface with a FileMaker.

Creativity and collaboration are necessary to translate your vision into a technical blueprint. With the discipline to understand your vision, processes, and to manage the costs of building software with your unique features and functionality Alamark can build that blueprint so that you will achieve your goals.


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