Why we standout in a crowd?


More than 20 million people and businesses around the world use FileMaker and over one billion websites and web applications around the world.  Are you looking to do “IT” just like everyone else?  Or, are you looking to do the same things everyone else is doing but, doing it a new and innovative way?

AlaMark has been around since 1999.  We started as a side project developing a new way in which catalogs are published and marketed.  From that project came our patented, award winning SupplyConnect Pro Enterprise software application that is being used globally.  We have since grown into a full-service software development company with a passion for technology and the pursuit of excellence/initiative/innovation.

We create products and features that empower our customers to grow.  In a nutshell our philosophy is “Customer First”.  Keeping our customer’s needs and desires at the forefront in all we do. Let AlaMark help you put a “Mark” on your business, competition and your market.

AlaMark is a Platinum Level Partner in FileMaker’s Business Alliance (FBA).  We are also a full service FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, iPad, iPhone development facility with 4 branches in Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin) and one in St. Louis, MO.


AlaMark is an Authorized FileMaker Training Facility with 5 instructor led, hands-on training centers located in each of our branches.

We offer Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced FileMaker training using the FileMaker Professional training series.


Project Selection

Every project we make it our own.

We go deep in understanding our clients needs, wants and desires.  We work with our clients, learn their processes, understand their business.  Making the solution not only efficient but easily understood by the users.

Our Team

We have an outstanding team of Certified developers bringing their unique skill sets and ideas to each new project.

We have in house developers as well as contract developers to allow us to give our customers the best solutions that can be made. Having a team of developers that thirst for knowledge provides our customers with amazing results.