FileMaker Training


FileMaker Basics (1 day)

Intended for FileMaker Pro users who are just getting started with FileMaker – The Knowledge Worker. Learn how to create and maintain a FileMaker Pro database for use in your company, school or business. This course includes a short introduction to databases in general. It covers how to create and utilize FileMaker databases to store and organize information so that it is available for efficient retrieval.

PREREQUISITES: Familiarity with Windows or Mac desktop functionality; basic familiarity with spreadsheet, word processing, and page layout programs; no experience with FileMaker necessary.


  • Working with FileMaker Pro databases as a user.
  • Learn ways to interact with FileMaker data from data entry to searches, printing and exporting, and sharing information through email and PDF creation.
  • Understand how to create a FileMaker database and define fields. Covers all the different field types, as well as auto-entry options and validation for certain field types.


Intermediate FileMaker Professional Training Series (2 days)

Intended for FileMaker Pro users and developers who want to expand their knowledge of the FileMaker Pro feature set. Learn how to plan a database, explore and create relational databases, and how to take advantage of the power of FileMaker Pro to develop more sophisticated solutions for your business. Obtain training in the use of portals and relationships allowing sharing of data across a network with mixed platforms. PREREQUISITES: Introduction to FileMaker or equivalent experience.


  • Data Modeling – Learn the fundamentals of relational database design, the difference between one-to-one and one-to many relationships, how to create Entity Relationship Diagrams, and the use of portals to view related data.
  • Working with Layouts – Learn how to design and manage the user interface. Understand how fields behave on layouts, and various ways to streamline what appears on your layout through tab controls, and the web viewer.
  • Calculations – Learn about the types of calculations in FileMaker and the many appearances of the Specify Calculation interface.
  • Scripting – Discover the power of harnessing repetitive tasks into re-usable scripts. Learn about context, how to manipulate or find data, and guide user navigation.
  • Reporting – Create some basic yet powerful reports and charts for your end users.
  • Security – Learn the fundamentals of securing your database by setting up user access through accounts and understanding the kinds of privileges you can control to limit changes.
  • FileMaker Go Preview – A brief overview of the FileMaker app for iPhone and iPad called FileMaker Go

Advanced FileMaker Professional Training Series (2 days)

Intended for FileMaker Pro users and developers who want to learn how to push the FileMaker Pro feature set to the limits. Students should have experience developing multi-file relational FileMaker Pro databases and writing scripts. Includes instructions to share a database on a network and configure a database as a multi-user file; create a database for the web, an overview of instant web publishing and custom web publishing using PHP; learn how to secure a database on a network; work with advanced layout tools and techniques; and create field validation to ensure accurate and complete entry.

PREREQUISITES: Intermediate FileMaker or equivalent experience.


  • Data Modeling – Understand relationship options and user complex relationships to filter views of related data.
  • Working with Layouts – Learn how to display web pages inside FileMaker and access internet tools such as package tracking sites and map sites using web viewer objects. Understand how to user conditional formatting to change the appearance of objects based on certain conditions.
  • Calculations – Gain experience using calculations in practical contexts, and understand how and why to use custom functions.
  • Scripting – Use scripted routines to control window management for enhanced workflow processes. Learn how to use script variables and script results. Create looping routines to iterate through repetitive tasks using a real world reporting scenario.
  • Reporting – Building upon the reporting basics from the Intermediate course, this section extends FileMaker’s reporting and charting capability beyond the standard subsummary reports.
  • Security – Learn how to control certain features in layouts, scripts, fields and more based on who is logged into your solution. Understand the relationship of privilege sets to accounts, manage privilege settings, and control record deletion.
  • Server – Deploying your FileMaker Pro solution to many users requires an understanding of FileMaker server, which includes integrity check and regular backups.
  • Connectivity – Learn how to access data from other applications with FileMaker, accessing live data from SQL solutions like MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL, or importing this directly into FileMaker.
  • Web Publishing – Understand the different web publishing options available for FileMaker Pro, create web friendly scripts and layouts for Instant Web Publishing, and use the power of the PHP Site Assistant to generate web sites using your FileMaker data.
  • FileMaker Go – An introduction to FileMaker Go and it’s key features.


FileMaker and PHP Web Development (2 days)

Intended for FileMaker Pro developers who want to extend their application to the web using the popular PHP server side scripting. Students should have experience developing relation FileMaker Pro databases. This course covers setting up a FileMaker Pro Server to host databases, enabling your databases for access via PHP, setting up a web server and installing PHP. The class demonstrates ways to create web pages that interact with FileMaker Pro databases, along with some basic PHP concepts.

PREREQUISITES: Intermediate and Advanced FileMaker and or equivalent experience.


  • Configuring Server and Database
  • Installing PHP
  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS
  • Introduction to PHP (variables, conditional branching, arrays, loops, functions)
  • Searching for FileMaker data via PHP
  • Displaying and Editing FileMaker data via PHP
  • Handling Portals and Value Lists from PHP
  • Sessions and Authentication methods
  • Debugging tips

Class Pricing

FileMaker 15 Basics* $379 (1 day)

FileMaker 15 Professional Training Series Intermediate Level* $699* (2 days)

FileMaker 15 Professional Training Series Advanced Level* $749* (2 days)

Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker Pro $849 (2 days)

*Note: Students attending the Professional Training Series classes need to purchase and download the FileMaker® Training Series -Basic and FileMaker® Training Series -Advanced FileMaker 15 manuals which are used in classes above. This manual, written by FileMaker, Inc., is the most comprehensive training resource for FileMaker on the planet! FileMaker provides the FileMaker® Training Series -Advanced at a cost of $19.99 and can be ordered online at Students attending the FileMaker Basics class can download the free digital copy from

We recommend that you create a printed version of these to use during the class.

Class Times

All classes are scheduled from 8:30 – 4:30 each day. We pack a full day of instruction into every class so our students can have ample time to ask questions and receive the proper instruction for each day’s lesson plan.


We have five class locations for your convenience:

San Antonio Area

AlaMark Technologies
943 AT&T Center Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78219

Located inside of Alamo Iron Works facility. It’s just up the street form the AT&T Center which is home of the NBA Spurs basketball facility here in San Antonio. AlaMark is about a 20 minute drive from the airport and only 7 minutes from downtown San Antonio.

To register for classes call : 866.252.6275

For directions to the San Antonio location you may reach us at : 210.704.8338
or Get Google Maps driving directions from your location.

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Austin Area

Plaza 7000, Regus
7000 North Mopac Expressway, 2nd Floor
Austin, Texas 78731

Just a five minute jump from downtown Austin, the North MoPac center is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, recreational facilities, a post office, a large grocery store, CVS pharmacy, Blockbuster, a movie theatre, a medical center and several banks.

To register for classes call : 866.252.6275

For directions to the Austin location you may reach us at : 512.514.6000
or Get Google Maps driving directions from your location.

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Houston Area

Woodway Center, Regus HQ
4801 Woodway Drive, Suite 300 East
Houston, Texas 77056

Woodway Center is centrally located near the Galleria in the Uptown District of Houston, just outside the city’s I-610 inner beltway. The center is behind the upscale retail shops of Uptown Plaza and numerous world-renown restaurants including McCormick and Schmidt, Maggiano’s, and Otto’s BBQ- where George Bush Senior is known to frequent.

To register for classes call : 866.252.6275

For directions to the Houston location you may reach us at : 713.964.2600
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Dallas Area

The Millennium Center, Regus
15455 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600
Addison, Texas 75001

To register for classes call : 866.252.6275

For directions to the Dallas location you may reach us at : 972.764.5126
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A fully supplied break room is provided for snacks, refreshments and meals including microwaves, refrigerator in all locations.  Ample parking is available in the parking facilities free of charge at all four of our class locations.


All training is provided by practicing consultants who are nationally recognized FileMaker experts. AlaMark has been delivering award winning, real world solutions and training customers on FileMaker based solutions for the Knowledge Worker throughout America and Canada since 1999.


To Register, call 1-866-252-6275 or email inquiries to

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel a class, refunds are based on the notification date as per below:
• Cancellation is made more than 10 business days before the beginning date of your class, 0% charges will apply & a full refund or transfer to another class will be

• Cancellation is made 6 – 10 business days before the beginning date of your class, 50% of charges will apply.

• Cancellation is made 5 or less business days before the beginning date of your class, 100% of charges will apply.

You may reschedule to another class if you request a transfer within 10 business days or more of the
beginning date of your class.  AlaMark does reserve the right to change the date of a class if circumstances dictate this. Your class schedule is tentative until 6 business days before the beginning date of your class. We recommend you make travel arrangements that are refundable. AlaMark is not responsible for any expense or travel if a class is rescheduled or canceled.