FileMaker Support

Our Vision Statement is "Customers for Life". To meet this standard we provide expert assistance to current and new clients who are looking to fix problems, add new features or refine their solution.

Why FileMaker Support?

The most common reasons our clients seek us out for FileMaker support are:

Solutions get stale: Business needs change over time and solutions lose their effectiveness. Instead of searching for a new system, allow AlaMark Technologies udate your solution to its former glory or even better.

Work with the experts: We work with FileMaker all day, every day, so there is a good chance we have solved your problem or know the time tested solution.

It saves money: Using AlaMark Technologies for smaller fixes is less costly than employing an in-house FileMaker developer.

Less up-front costs: Sometimes it makes more sense to handle your issues individually or in small groups of effort rather than overhaul your solution sometimes taking months of development.

Address specific needs: You may need to add a report or other functionality, even need something specific to work better. We can provide that assitance.

Move beyond the basics: Yes, Support is provided with your Claris FileMaker license but it only cover basics such as file setup and installation.AlaMark Technologies can assist with all aspects of programming in FileMaker such as Security, Layouts, Scripting, Reporting, and more.

You're more than a client: When you work with AlaMark Technologies for FileMaker Support, you will work with the same team of developers for every issue. Our team is your partner that will get to know you and your system, leading to faster fixes/updates for your solution.

As FileMaker experts and a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) Partner for 20+ years, we are able to help with everything from the basic fixes to in-depth/complex development and support needs. Fill out our contact form with your questions/needs and we will be happy to assist you.

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