SupplyConnect Pro

SupplyConnectPRO™ is powerful direct marketing software that easily manages rich product information to streamline the process of building print catalogs and flyers, fax and email broadcasts, providing content for web and extracts for public and private web exchanges.

• General Line Catalogs

• Product Segment Catalogs

• Market Niche Catalogs

• Customer Specific Catalogs

• Monthly/Quarterly Flyers

• New Product Flyers

• Bargain Sales Flyers

• Web Catalogs

• Email and Fax Attachments

• Rich Product Information Management

• Complete Image and Logo Management

• Multimedia Catalog Management

• Multimedia Publishing Options

• Unlimited Catalog Archiving

• On-demand or Automated Pricing Update From Your Business System

• Analyze, Interpret, and Act On Customer To Product Demography

• Capture Product Focus and Sales Activity of Customer Contacts

• Rich “DataStore” Guarantees High Performance Direct Marketing Activities

• Tightly Track the ROI for Any Direct Marketing Activity

• Manufacturers

• Hierarchical categories

• A list of SKUs

• Status of SKUs; stock, non-stock, dead stock, excess stock, etc.

• Easy, visual “Point and Click” sequencing of products as you choose them.

• Assign products to chapters anytime during the process.

• Many, many more filters can be applied to make it really easy to find and choose the products.

Three page publishing options will produce any type of catalog page known to man.

1. Automated Database Page Creation

2. High Design Page Development

3. Direct Database Page Generation A list of SKUs

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Stand out from the rest.
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