At AlaMark, we take pride in delivering the results our customers expect. Below are some of our testimonials.

Vapor Point occupies a unique niche in the energy sector, and initially, we were looking for a way to better track our field activities and related billing. We vetted quite a few development companies and kept feeling like we were being sold a product instead of provided a solution—you know like we would have to conform our business to the limiting constraints of their particular off-the-shelf (but supposedly customizable) software. AlaMark couldn’t have been more different. First, they really, really listened; we felt like they were more concerned with understanding how we do things than how we could change our systems to fit how they do things. Second, they didn’t blow smoke when it came to over-promising deliverables—we felt confident that they could deliver what we needed in a timely way.

To test the waters, we awarded AlaMark a small part of the project. It quickly became evident that we’d made the right choice. As the project progressed, AlaMark scaled their development resources to fit each module of the project. They used a coordinated, concentrated effort where extreme detail and accuracy were needed. For more simple portions, they often had a solution within hours.

Throughout the development process, I can’t tell you how many times I thought, these guys just get it. They really came to understand the nuances of how our business works, providing not just spot-on solutions to our stated requirements, but–more often than not–enhanced features that were far better than we had imagined possible.

The upshot of all this is that our initial project has grown into a fully integrated, highly customized solution for all of our business processes. Truth be told, had we known what FileMaker was capable of in the hands of these expert developers, we wouldn’t have set our initial sights so low.

— David Chatham, Project Manager Vapor Point.

Good Morning, Bill. Glowing reports concerning the meeting yesterday! AlaMark is held in high esteem here on campus…. As it should be! Thank you so very much for all your hard work! …

Dr. Berry, Dr. Hammonds, Debbie and Kim are all very excited about the changes that were made.

Thank you again for your wonderful service to our University!!! You are truly a talented company!

Hello, I have been working with Alamark for going on 14 years now, I respect them a great deal. They built us a solution that manages our students info. This includes student info, courses, grades, curriculum materials, inventory, purchases orders, and many other areas.

They have done an excellent job for our school and we have great communication, short wait times, and call backs right away. I can email them and I get great response from them for solving any problem.

-Connie Boyle

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