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custom web development

A successful app or website is key to... well, simply put, success. And that success is directly related to usability, whether it be for consumers or partners.

Using latest programming practices, coding guidelines, and standards, AlaMark builds successful apps and websites. Also, AlaMark constantly evaluates the most recent trends in order to keep our clients' apps and websites unique and competitive as technology advances and programming changes. We continuously improve ourselves to accommodate the needs of your business and to prove our clients with the best possible solutions. Whatever the problems they face

AlaMark can streamline your business for consumers and partners with FileMaker WebDirect and give your users access to information or records seemlessly. Even though we build applications that perform complex tasks, we integrate simple, user-friendly interface designs that your target audience will appreciate. They will notice and appreciate what makes you stand out among your competition resulting in repeat usage and a great experience associated with your brand.


mongo database
ms sql
web direct

Make it Beautiful and Multifunctional. We design within the four corners and ensure your website will be as visually stunning as it is functional.

Web Apps

Simple, User-Friendly Interface that results in Repeat Usage and a Great Brand Experience.


Keep it simple and keep them coming back. Impress with a Beautiful Online Store and Secure Shopping Cart. We know a thing or two about online shopping.

Claris WebDirect

Let users view, sort, edit, and search records via the web. All you need is the internet. Simple.

Digital Strategy

You need a plan. We have the experience to build the digital strategy plan perfect for you.

Stand out from the rest.
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Stand out from the rest.
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